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Miss Molecule in her underground chat show studio
Welcome to the official Miss Molecule & Friends Website

Miss Molecule & Friends is a series of inspirational digital resources to be used independently by teachers, parents and the general public to educate and inform children aged between 9-11 years (and adults!) on a variety of subjects and industries related to renewable energy, critical minerals, sustainability, biodiversity and wellbeing.

Miss Molecule and her friends in episode 1

Join Miss Molecule as she hosts a groundbreaking chat show featuring interviews with elemental stars like lithium and real-world heroes driving energy, climate and environmental solutions.


Discover the latest innovations in renewable energy as we take steps towards a sustainable future!


All of the stories we tell have links to the UK curriculum, and have accompanying resources which are aimed at students in late primary to early secondary. From lesson plans to worksheets and word searches to class activities, our complete package allows teachers to have a full lesson ready to go or the freedom to use the resources as part of their schemes of work.

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Episode 1 Lithium worksheets
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Meet the team behind Miss Molecule and friends

Meet the people behind "Miss Molecule and Friends", a dynamic team blending scientific expertise with creative storytelling to brighten the path toward a sustainable future.


Suzie Doe

Outreach Co-ordinator

Suzie has a background in teaching and learning, gaining her Secondary PGCE through the SCITT programme in 2008. She taught Design Technology in local schools until 2013, when she decided to gain a bit of industry experience. Suzie joined GeoScience in 2013 and worked as a graphics administrator for a few years before joining the team on the United Downs Deep Geothermal Power Project. During the three years working on the UDDGP project, Suzie designed, developed and delivered the outreach and education programs where Miss Molecule was originally created. Since 2020, Suzie has worked on several projects with companies providing STEM education, such as Eden Geothermal, Cornwall School Mining Games and the Cornwall Sustainable Buildings Trust. Suzie will use her knowledge and contacts from Cornish schools to arrange workshops, develop educational materials to accompany the animation and help promote digital resources to all the schools in Cornwall and beyond.


Kim Tolfrey


Kim is the project producer and finance controller. Her primary role is the team's organisation and working directly with clients to keep all episodes on target, meeting all determined outcomes, and on budget. In December 2024, Kim and her crew Oars Of Thunder will row the Atlantic as part of The World's Toughest Row challenge.


Lucy Cotton


Lucy is a geologist who has been working in the UK’s geothermal sector for the past ten years. She was the Lead Site Geologist for the United Downs Deep Geothermal Power project and Eden Geothermal in Cornwall. Alongside her technical role, she developed a passion for communicating groundbreaking technologies to all ages in the renewable arena. This included designing and delivering the education programme for the United Downs Deep Geothermal Power project alongside her colleague and “Miss Molecule and Friends” Outreach coordinator Suzie Doe. It was an ordinary day when her love of hot rocks and surfing combined, and the concept of Miss Molecule was borne, a character that can champion the excellent work done by many to save the planet and mitigate climate change. Lucy is excited to see who Miss Molecule meets in the future and how many young minds she can inspire along the way!


Lisa Townsend

Miss Molecule

Lisa, the dynamic voice behind Miss Molecule, brings the character to life with her infectious energy and enthusiasm. Lisa also has 15 years of experience collaborating with creatives and entrepreneurs, expertly blending practical business acumen with a passion for social enterprise. Lisa has a degree in Psychology and trained as a Creativity & Mindfulness Coach.


Stephen Tolfrey

Creative Director

As the Creative Director of "Miss Molecule and Friends," Stephen combines his extensive background in design, animation and music with a passion for storytelling. Starting in London with graphic design for music legends and moving through award-winning projects in New Zealand, he now brings life to this animated show with his unique characters and engaging animation.


Catherine Centofanti


Catherine is a firm believer in embracing your inner child, which is why she loves writing playful yet informative content for kids. In her previous life as a globe-trotting English Language Teacher, Catherine saw the value and effectiveness of creating engaging course materials, adapting them to suit the differing needs and abilities of her students across preschool, primary, secondary and adult levels. Following an MA in creative, digital, and professional writing, Catherine has gained over five years of experience working in internal communications, copywriting, content writing, and scriptwriting. With this background in mind, her particular interest in visual storytelling, and alertness to the preservation, restoration and improvement of natural and social environments, Catherine has focused on writing enlightening content for clients across education, international development, conservation, and green technologies.

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